Certain fines are charged for overdue (not returned on time) library materials. This is an effort to provide patrons an equal opportunity to make use of library materials and to maximize sharing of library collections.

  • Overdue fine is charged from the first overdue date/day.
  • Overdue fine on general books would be PKR50 per book per day.
  • Overdue fine on temporarily issued materials would be PKR100 per hour.
  • Loss of library materials would be charged three times the current price OR replacement of the material(s) with PKR200 additional as processing charges.
  • PKR5000 in addition to the current price would be charged in case of stealing library materials.

In case of any disciplinary violations PKR200 would be charged on the first violation and PKR500 on second violation. In case of continuation of violations, the issue may be referred to the disciplinary committee.